Who I Am

Background and professional accomplishments

I am a passionate teacher, educator, pedagogue and researcher. I have been teaching formally and informally since 2012 in elementary, high school, as well as in adult education. I have been pursuing my doctorate degree in Educational Studies at McGill since 2017 where I have been learning and developing scholarship pertaining to social justice and equity education. As an educator, I am specialized in languages and in developing pedagogical tools and strategies meant to assist students to become independent learners across education settings. Apart from teaching in public and private schools in Montreal, I have tutored diverse students for the past seven years.
As an educator, it has been especially important for me to forge long-term relationships with my students and to sustain and support their development, often until the end of their high school journeys. As a pedagogue, I have also developed literacy courses based on research that suggests the implementation of pedagogical techniques in very specific ways, given that the education system is built to privilege and reward specific ways of learning. My research experience has helped me see that aiding students to navigate the education system is an effective way of empowering students to become independent life-long learners.

Skills & Experience

Summer Camp 2012

I was the Supervisor of the Beaconsfield Summer Camp where I had eight camp leaders under my wing. I offered workshops and ongoing evaluations to ensure that my camp leaders responded creatively and pedagogically to our campers aged five to thirteen.

Personal Development 2013 - 2017

I worked with an autistic girl. My teaching and learning with her helped me learn new ways of communicating and connecting pedagogically.

Intensive English Teaching 2014-2016

I was a teacher and tutor at McGill’s International School of Languages in the Intensive English Program. I acquired experience teaching adults with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, as well as with different learning styles.

Spanish Teaching 2016 - Present

My first contract as a full-time high school teacher was at Collège Charlemagne. I taught beginner and intermediate Spanish in grades 7-9. I am a believer in personalized pedagogy and am thus less keen toward course packs and books. The pedagogical tools that I developed for my teaching were witty, flexible, and challenging. Students were hooked!

Graduate Level Teaching 2017

I co-taught an MA-level course entitled Meanings of Literacy at McGill. Based on a genealogy of research, an overview of literacy education was given to education MA students. The aim of the course was to recognize different literacies and literacy practices as valuable, while identifying what literacies and literacy practices are rewarded in Western education systems.

Literacy Course Developer 2018

Based on the latest research on literacy education, I developed and launched a course for preschool students enrolled in a private French school. Research shows that when the language spoken at home differs from the language of instruction, literacy practices will also differ and often affect school performance. Research also shows that bed-time stories are a powerful pedagogical tool to attune children to the literacy practices that they will need to do well in school. As such, the course that I developed aimed to attune students whose first language was not French to the literacy practices privileged in school. To that end, children’s books were the primary pedagogical medium.

Undergraduate Level Lecturer 2019

This course aims to give student-teachers an overview of contemporary issues in education at the local, national, and international level. I have, together with one of my peers, re-conceptualize this course to offer a critical analysis of power inequities in the education system such that future teachers can better understand their roles as social justice allies.

Tutoring Experience Since 2012

My students have for the most part attended Félix Leclerc, L’Académie de Marie-Claire, Collège Charlemagne, Collège Sainte-Anne, Kuper Academy, École Secondaire Des Sources, École Primaire Bout-de-l’Isle et Collège Sainte-Marcelline. Some of my students have been accepted at John Abbott and Marianopolis College. I have tutored languages, as well as social sciences and mathematics (at the elementary level). My area of expertise is in language education and in developing strategic literacy practices aiming to foster ingenuity in students.

French Immersion Teaching 2017 - 2018

I taught French to Syrian refugees aged seven to thirteen at École Alex Manoogian and École Sourp-Hagop. As a volunteer, I worked closely with two teachers and helped develop evaluation and pedagogical tools, worked one-on-one and within the classroom with students, and helped put together a Christmas Play where students displayed their French language skills in front of the school.

Research Collaborations 2017 - Present

As part of my doctorate research, I have been engaged in a collaborative research relationship with Kahnawà:ké where we are working to develop a pedagogical tool meant to guide outsider research initiatives within the community in respectful ways.

Academic conferences 2017 - Present

As an emerging scholar, I have presented my work and ideas at several prestigious education conferences in North America and across Canada. I am in the process of working some of my writing toward peer-reviewed publications.

Government Funding 2017-2021

My research and scholarly work has also been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), as well as the Fonds de Recherche du Québec Société et Culture (FRQSC), two of the most prestigious and competitive funding agencies in Quebec and Canada. My application was ranked first place in 2017 and second place in 2018. In 2018, I was nominated for the Vanier scholarship by the Faculty of Education at McGill, the second most prestigious funding agency in Canada.