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Grades 3 – 12

Reading Comprehension

Grades 4 – 12


Grades 4 – 12


Grades 4 – 12

Social Sciences

Grades 4 – 12

Languages (EN, FR, SP)

Grades 1 – 12

Why Tutopia

Tutopia's mission is to help students value themselves as learners and succeed as independent thinkers.

As an educator over the past 10 years, I have realized that the educational system is like a box. Students who do not thrive within that box get labelled as being intellectually deficient. However, my research in educational studies has allowed me to uncover that learning does not have to be an alienating experience. Many of the students who do not fit inside of that box have potential to thrive as learners.

Tutopia offers an array of tutors who continuously develop as educators under my guidance. I use the latest research in educational studies to help them develop flexible pedagogical approaches that aim to sustain difference across learning experiences.

Find out how Tutopia helps students access their full potential as learners.

8 years of education experience

4 years of research experience

5 years of experience developing pedagogical tools

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